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Checking in with yourself

Taking time to be still and to be with yourself isn’t the easiest thing in this world with constant distractions and multiple things that needs to be done. but once you get the habit of doing it you won’t want to go back as it truly is an excellent way to check in with yourself, your feelings and take control over your priorities.

What do I mean with ‘being still’ and why will that be helpful? Being still is a great start to tune in to your heart and to begin setting the arena for your needs and your longings. Creating a shift in perspective and the ability to make better decisions for yourself and the people around you.

Meditation is a fantastic tool to do that, to be still and get clear about your needs and wants. So why is it that it is so difficult, especially when you need it the most, when you are feeling the most stressed and scattered!?

Well, there might not be just one answer to that question but here is what I’ve come to know:

When we are stressed out we are out of sync and literally out of our right minds. Its not you who are controlling your agenda and that is a disheartening and painful place to be at and to come to terms with so we tend to not want to accept that as it might seem impossible to do anything about, so we stay disconnected to that which we are feeling and that believed truth.

So, what might help in these situations it to not put so much pressure about “accomplishing” something with your meditation practice but rather just be with yourself and accept what you are feeling/where you are. That helps us to calm down and let go of the resistance of feeling and that is in itself the starting point of shifting the perspective of the believed truth of not being in control and feel your ability to actually do something about it, not the least since you actually just did!

Calming our senses allow us to get a clearer view and act in accordance with our heart, our needs and to get things done in a focused and right-minded way!

And who doesn’t want that!?

If you want to know more about checking in and being in your right mind so to speak, there are many techniques to be found online, at your yoga center or you can contact me and let’s take it from there.

Peace and love, Susanne


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