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About me


Dip. Psychosynthesis therapist,  Psychosynthesis Academy - 2020
Essay/Edu focus: A therapy of love - The healing power of Empathy.

Yoga Shiromani - Yoga Teacher, The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center  - 2016


Dipl. ICF Coach , Akademistjärnan - 2010

(The diploma is quality reviewed and approved by the ICF International Coach Federation).


Political Bachelor's degree. Political Science , Stockholm University - 2008

Focus: State, civil society and democratization in the third world.


Bachelor's degree in Sociology , Stockholm University - 2006

Focus: Gender; The correlation between how we view masculinity and how it affects the choice of parental leave.

Transpersonal psychology, Inner child work, trauma healing, co-dependency
 and social constructivism with a focus on identity. 

Love is
  the way! 

About Psychosynthesis Therapy

Psychosynthesis psychology is a model of development and a therapeutic approach formulated by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli  (1888-1974).

Assagioli set out to create an approach to being human that could address both the personal development process of self-realization as well as the transpersonal development process which refers to 'peak experiences', inspired creativity, spiritual insights and 'one consciousness'. 

Assagioli's understanding of human nature created a theoretical framework which brings together the Eastern tradition of wisdom with Western science.

Psychosynthesis is thus a precursor to both humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychology.  


In psychosynthesis, there is a unique approach, which is based on the fact that we are more than our experiences, trauma and wounds. That these are experiences from which we can heal and to some extent grow and be enriched by.

The task of the psychosynthesis therapist is to support, promote and stimulate the therapeutic process by giving the client the opportunity and tools to discover, explore, challenge and develop their own inner potential.

The psychosynthesis therapist has a rich methodology and associated techniques such as conversation techniques, visualization, Gestalt,  symbol work and drawing / picture.  


The psychosynthesis process thus encompasses the whole person - body, emotions, intellect and soul. 

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