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Human potential 

Man's inherent potential  is the starting point for my work in various forums.

When we know oursevles we can make manifest our hearts desires by directing our will into meaningful action. 

To know yourself is the starting point of living the life you long for! 

My expertise

Development can be achieved in many ways, but they do have one thing in common and that is that we need to start with ourselves!

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Psychosynthesis therapy

When one might consider or need therapy: 

You’re having trouble processing something in your life
2. You seem to have a shorter fuse than usual, and it’s affecting your mood, relationships,    or other areas of your life
3. You don’t feel like you’re functioning at 100%...or anywhere close to it
4. You could use an unbiased, confidential person to talk to
5. You feel stuck
6. You seem to be repeating patterns in your life
7. You feel overwhelmed
8. You’re struggling with expectations—like the pressure to be productive
9. You’re anticipating—or currently going through—a major life transition
10. You experienced a trauma
11. You’d like help working through difficult family or relationship dynamics
12. You have a physical health condition
13. Feeling off track in your life
14. Not living the life you feel like you should


Couples therapy

When can you think that couples therapy is a need or something good:

Imago is a method for establishing a functioning dialogue in a relationship. At the heart of the method is to create security and trust in the relationship and to create contact. The method helps the parties to rediscover each other, so that the relationship can deepen and become a conscious relationship.


Couples therapy can be good, for example:

1. When we feel like we are in conflict all the time

2. When we have difficulty reaching each other

3. When we face new life situations/decisions/choices

4. When trust and security waver in relationships

5. When we want to deepen the relationship

6. When we need help to understand our relationship patterns that we end up in

7. When we have difficulty seeing what irritations are about



When is coaching good idea or needed: 

Coaching can be incredibly helpful when you need accountability, motivation, and guidance to reach your goals. That's where our coaching services come in. If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, a coach can be the catalyst you need to break through to the next level. Our coaching services offer the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals, whether personal or professional. We'll work together to develop a plan that fits your specific needs, so you can make measurable progress in no time.


let me introduce myself...

I have the great pleasure of working with my biggest interest, psychology and human potential!

I apply it by helping people overcome limiting thoughts and unconscious beliefs that hold them back, so they can free themselves and create the changes they long for!

I have had an interest in development for as long as I can remember. With curiosity, I have explored life, and the desire to know more has led me to a degree in Sociology and Political Science from the university of Stockholm, to becoming a certified coach and yoga teacher, dipl. Psychosynthesis therapist and most recently I am studying a course in Imagotherapy for couples. 

I see the world from a relational perspective, that everything is connected, and so is our development and our well-being. 


If you are ready to take the next step in your development, you are more than welcome to get in touch! 

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Susanne has seen
all of me!

“My journey with Susanne began 2 years ago. I was in a bad place in life and felt lost.  

During my time with Susanne, I have processed past events in life, without her support I would not have been able to make the decisions and the choices required to find my way back to myself.

Most important of all is the inner journey I have gone through. Getting to know myself on a level I never thought was possible. Accepting my past, and started to understand why I work just the way I do.


My journey is not over, it will continue as long as I live. It will continue to be difficult at times, and now I have to tools to handle these.

Susanne has seen all of me. She gave me my life back,  now hopeful and happy. A new life!"
     Male, 34 yrs.

She gave me security,
trusted as well as tools that

I  has needed!

“The strength I found in myself during the time I went into therapy with Susanne has made me an individual who can master my own feelings and actions.

Through conversations and exercises, I myself came to insights and then received tools from Susanne to be able to handle situations in my co-dependence that I previously could not control.  


Before, I filled myself with anxiety and had pressure on my chest. Today I see myself as a strong individual, who myself controls my mood.

I can warmly recommend Susanne, she gave
me security, trust and the tools that
I have needed. ”


  Female, 27yrs.

Being in therapy with Susanne has been life-changing for me!

“I have been in therapy with Susanne for almost two years. Being in therapy with Susanne has been life-changing  for me. It has helped a lot with both my personal and professional development  and to process  things from my childhood which have held me back.

My time with her gives me space to reflect and she has given me many tools to handle different situations.

I warmly recommend her to everyone! ”
   Female, 31 yrs

"We all want to be loved, to feel love and meaning, and we need to start with ourselves!"

Leadership training

Our leadership training program emphasizes the importance of empathy in today's demanding culture. We believe a good leader should know how to balance empathy and strength to achieve optimal results. Our program offers personalized guidance in developing effective leadership skills for any industry. Invest in yourself and your organization by enrolling in our leadership training program today.

Self awareness

Self-awareness is a key factor in developing leadership skills. Understanding yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and what motivates you, is essential to being able to lead others effectively.  We encourage our clients to develop in-depth self-awareness in order to reach their full potential as leaders.


To work with one's self-leadership
enables us to consciously
way to direct our willtowards goals and contexts which are felt

meaningful to us. 

self-leadership is overall about increasing awareness of our will and our strategies. To approach ourselves with empathetic and curious exploration in order to thus create the best conditions for successful self-leadership. 

Do you want to become a better leader, connect below!

Leadership groups

In tailor-made programs and workshops, we create optimal solutions for you to develop and support your leadership. Descriptive for a good leadership of self and others: 

  • Responsibilities & Empathy

  • Psychological security in the group

  • Authenticity & feelings 

  • Interpersonal awareness

  • Promotes potential

  • The good will



- a lecture on the power of emotions, love & leadership

As a leadership coach, I am passionate about helping people maximize their potential. I offer lectures that focus on important themes such as self-awareness, empathy, love and leadership.

Learn to become a more effective leader and achieve your goals through my inspiring lectures.

Book a lecture and experience the difference yourself!

The Love Tote
The Love Tote
Sandra_Rogers_Photography_5 Black tote s

The Love Tote  is one of my favorite projects.  The idea is that we all need a little reminder, from time to time, about what's most important. 

The vision is that we help each other to stay more aware of the power of love by wearing a Love Tote as a walking reminder!  :) 

Personally, I love to carry these. It simply gives me a wonderful feeling in my body.  Become an ambassador for love too!

Spread some love! :)

For orders, leave a message  in the contact field below and I'll get back to you. 

Love is the way! 

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Send a message and let me know how I can help you? 

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"Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self realization for those who refuse to remain the slave of their own inner phantasms or of external influences, who refuse to submit passively to the play of psychological forces which is going on within them, and who are determined to become the master of their own lives. "

Roberto Assagioli
Founder of Psychosynthesis therapy

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